Founded in Istanbul in 1988 and with more than 30 years of experience, İz Baskı A.Ş. produces plastic cartridges and accessories for silicone and mastic adhesives.

Having an annual production capacity of 250 million pieces of cartridges and accessories with its high technology plastic injection, high-quality printing options (IML - In-Mold Labeling and offset+ printing) and full automation production lines that are integrated to Industry 4.0; İz Baskı A.Ş. is the leading company of Turkey and its region, and exporting %20 of its production to more than 15 countries; it has been the arbiter in Eastern Europe, Middle Asia, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, and Middle East markets.

Being established and initiating production in Slovenia / Tolmin at the beginning of 2014; İz Baskı has become closer to its customers in Central, Western and Southern Europe, increased its market share in Europe with this investment and turned into a reliable and sustainable supplier that can respond to its customers much more rapidly.

Our company, which constantly renews itself by following the developing and current technologies, has standardized its Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety policies with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 certificates.

Continuing its R&D and innovation efforts without ceasing and constantly improving itself, İz Baskı A.Ş. was declared as an approved R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2017. Our experienced and innovative R&D team cooperates closely with universities and other industrial organizations and works with full force to develop efficient, value-added, and environmentally friendly products and processes.

İz Baskı San A.S., whose aim is to meet the expectations of the customers completely and to provide quality service by establishing tight and continuous cooperation with its customers, continues its adventure with its young, dynamic, experienced staff and new investments at full speed.


In order to ensure the continuance of constant improvement and development efficiently, İz Baskı A.Ş. has established the Integrated Management System with the policies it has set on quality, environment, occupational health, ethical values, and information security.

Aiming to implement the Integrated Management System and the requirements brought by the standards it has in all national and international platforms it operates, and to continuously improve them with the goals it sets; our company duly provides its customers with quality and innovative products and services that comply with the standards and specifications and is committed to the continuous improvement of its systems with the participation of its employees and all other stakeholders.



Established and started to print medical tubes


Invested in 1st cartridge mold and printing line


Tanık family became 50% partner of company


100% shares of company bought by Tanık family


Big investment attack started


Moved to its current production plant in Tuzla/Istanbul which is 6.400m2


Established Iz Baski Europa d.o.o in Tolmin/Slovenia and start production.


Invested on IML decoration technology


Be 100% owner of Iz Baski Europa


and continues its investments and innovations for cartridge solutions.


Dear business partners and our valuable employees,

İz Baskı A.Ş., which was founded by Mr. Ramiz Alp in 1988, has pioneered the development of the sector it has been a supplier since then and within this period, it has become the leading company in the sector with our employees, customers, and all other stakeholders. I would like to thank the Alp family for their contribution to the industry of our country by starting such an initiative.

Setting off with the principles of quality, trust, and sustainability; İz Baskı has become a globally known manufacturer in its sector with its production mentality, the importance it attaches to current technologies, its customer-oriented approach, and its innovative structure.

We owe our success to working hard with honesty, faith, and team spirit. Our company believes in the principle that human is the most important resource and continues its growth with all its employees in a family sense without compromising integrity and honesty, and with every new project realized, it also increases its technical competence and capacity.

As our company celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, along with the joy of seeing the added value provided to Turkish industry by our customer-oriented production and quality understanding, sustainability principle and honest works in line with business ethics; the success achieved by our facility invested in Slovenia in 2014 towards the same principles and goals and demonstrating the power of Turkish industry in the whole Europe fills us with extra proud.

As İz Baskı, we will go on producing and creating value without sacrificing our values and mentality of business, adopting “Sustainable Success” as a principle. I would like to express my gratitude to all our business partners who have trusted us in this journey, who have allowed us to work together, and to all our employees who have carried us to these days.

With my deepest respect and love... ISMET TANIK Board Chairman
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